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fire in placer county. already, there's a state incident management team which is helping to coordinate the attack on this fire. brown is also sending in more firefighters and the california national guard. now, the fire which has grown to more than 2,200 acres began burning wednesday afternoon in the can job between colfax and forest hill. the fire chief mike martin said while some bay area resources have been sent north to help, we are still covered should we get a wildfire started here. >> the fire service in california, we have this mutual aid system. in the bay area, the bay area fire departments have agreed to send up to 120 engines without drawing things down to the point where they are stripped. and right now we've spent 15 of that 120 so we're still looking pretty good. >> firefighters say there is potential for this fire to continue to grow, especially this afternoon and evening as the winds strengthen. right now the fire is 20%
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contained. as for the bay area, the battalion chief said it is very dry here already. this fire season, they've responded to several calls for wildfires and quickly been able to respond and put them out and get them under control. live, nbc news. >> thank you very much. the civil trial of convicted murderer hands reiser is expected to end tomorrow. he is due to present his closing arguments to the hayward jury and judge. he is representing himself at the trial. the lawyer representing his children is asking for $25 million for the pain and suffering. he was convicted of murdering their mother back in 2008 and is now in prison. reiser claims he has no money and cannot work in prison because of medical reasons. he has offered to sign over his computer software business to the children. detectives from the san francisco police department and the fbi are investigating a vandalism at a city communications facility on twin peaks. someone broke into that facility
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and cut several wires this morning. it did not impact any essential city services but since the facility is part of the city's radio network, the fbi was notified. and anyone with information on the case of vandalism is asked to call the police department's anonymous tip line. that number is 415-575-4444. you can also text a tip to tip411 with a message starting with sfpd. in oakland, people are gathering near lake view elementary school right now, vowing to continue their fight to keep that school open. and these are some live pictures of the protests getting started right now across the street from the school. the organizers are the same people who staged the sit-in at the school earlier this summer themselves camped out in tents for weeks and even entered the building where they held their own summer school. the protesters are demanding the oakland school district stop plans to close five elementary schools including lake view. the superintendent tony smith has said in the past, the
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decision is final and can't be changed. so tonight, these protesters right here, several dozen of them, are planning to coordinate their next move. first on the list, they want to prevent the school district from moving administrative offices on to the lake view site, among other things they'll discuss at their protests this evening. the obama and romney campaigns are battling this weekend over claims that mitt romney outsourced jobs. the president's supporters are making no apologies for the attacks on mitt romney's personal finances. and his role on outsourcing those jobs when he ran bain capital. they say they have the paperwork to back up the claims as well. but romney supporters say the allegations are untrue, unfair, and pulling the focus away from where it should be. namely, their claim that president obama has failed to improve the economy. >> if romney said to his own colleagues, stop whining. i give him his own advice. stop whining. >> they want to talk about
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anything but president obama as dismal record when it come to the economy and it is working. >> the political analysts say it is the economy that will ultimately determine whether the president wins another four years in the white house. last week's jobs report shows that the nation's unemployment rate did not budge from 8.2% in june. and coming up next at 6:00, one of the largest and most popular state parks in the state is in san jose and tonight it has some extra rights and a whole lot of extra cash. we'll show you why and what they plan to do with that money, too. plus, how jason kidd of the new york knicks landed in jail right after tweeting out this photo of him with his wife and george lucas there. and a southern california bear just can't seem to stay away from civilization. we'll show you the latest attempt by fish and game to get him back where he belongs.
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happy birthday! thank you, nana
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send money to anyone's checking account with chase quickpay. all you need is an email address or mobile number. you're welcome. take a step forward and chase what matters. . the morning commute could be challenging in san francisco. protesters are marking the one-year anniversary of a shooting death by trying to disrupt the muni service at the busy market and 14th street intersection. nbc bay area is there with more on their plans. art you areo? >> reporter: we're just up the street. take a look behind me.
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this is a sunday evening. imagine how busy it would be on a morning commute and imagine everything coming to a sudden halt. the group is not saying what its plans are to shut down the muni service but it is promising to have at least a few dozen people out here at 6:00 a.m. now, kenneth harding was killed about one year ago in a shoot-out with san francisco police officers at a muni station. he had been could not front by police after neglecting to pay his $2 muni fare. as he tried to run away, he exchanged gun fire with police. his mother and a group of other families who believe their loved ones were wrongly profiled and killed, organized tomorrow morning's protest. she believes her son was murdered by san francisco police officers. >> i can't describe this unbearable pain. and one thing that doesn't go away as a mother, you're always waiting for your child to walk through the door even though you know it isn't going to happen.
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you're just sitting there and you're hoping that one day the door opens up and your child will walk through there. >> now, after the protest, the group plans to hold a vigil to celebrate the memory of kenneth harding. there are reports that muni officials are aware of the attempt to shut down service here at market and 14th and we're told that they are working to make sure that service is not interrupted. live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the largest skate park in the state will remain open thanks in part to a $10,000 grant. today lake cunningham regional skate park in san jose was awarded the live positively grant from the coca-cola company. the park opened in 2008. just last year, funding for the park was in jeopardy. the city leaders say they've raised enough anyone thanks to coca-cola and various south bay foundations and will not be closed to close. also, a very special guest was on hand to support the park today. tony stopped by while on his summer skate boarding tour.
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>> because we've been successful, wee peel like tony. and he said yes, he's coming back. so this park is known all over the world to skaters as an incredible place to skate. what is great is it is in our backyard. we've been able to save it. >> the park has a chance to win a $100,000 grant fits voted america's favorite park in the coca-cola america is your park campaign. bay area native and nba veteran jason kidd was arrested last night for driving drunk after crashed his car into a pole. the accident happened around 2:00 this morning on long island in new york. police say kidd was driving home from a nightclub when he crashed his luxury suv into a telephone pole. these are pictures from his twitter account from earlier in the evening with his wife and george lucas there. they were all attending a benefit for lucas. kidd reportedly went out to a nightclub after the benefit and was the only person in the car when he crashed.
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jason kidd grew up in oakland and played college basketball for cal before being drafted by the dallas mavericks back in 1995. and he just signed a three-year deal with the new york knicks this past thursday. still ahead at 6:00, they're not going for gold but they are going to light up the stage in london. we'll show you what makes this bay area choir so special. here's one clue. they can swing in 21 different languages. good evening from the nbc bay area weather center this evening. we're about temperatures cooling big time. places that got into the 80s and 90s today, you're headed back into the 70s tomorrow. so get the jackets ready. it will become very windy as well. we'll break down the rest of the workweek forecast. a
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. imagine being part of a choir that has performed at the white house and carnegie hall. now imagine this is the type of choir that turns people away. anyone can join. joe introduces us to the unusual program and shows us how the singers are now headed to london for the olympics. >> reporter: for a few hours every tuesday afternoon, a small church in benecia becomes the center of a musical universe. its choir practice, unlike most others. songs from across the globe interpreted by young voices into a sound that is uniquely american. >> it started as an experiment. and people started saying, wow, i've never seen anything like that before.
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>> reporter: annable founded it almost 20 years ago as an activity for her three sons. since then she's molded it into a group whose musical direction is literally all over the map. >> we sing different types of music from all over the world. some songs from africa, italy, paris, everywhere. >> reporter: there are no auditions, no one turned away. the only thing frowned upon is standing still. >> we try to move around and we do have some choreography so that helps. instead of just standing straight. >> reporter: the group has performed in the white house, carnegie hall, japan and south africa and now it has been invited to sing at a united nations event at the london olympics. >> when i told the kids about this, they screamed such a high pitched scream that we all had to hold our ears. >> how cool, how cool will it be
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for everyone to get to see the torch passed and be part of it all? >> it will be one heck of an experience and i can't wait to go. >> the group sings in 21 different languages. even the home made costume have an international flair but she resists calling the group a musical melting pot. >> i feel that they would be representing what is the beauty of our differences. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> i have chills! what a neat thing and no one is turned away. you can join if you like to and you like to sing. let's check in with anthony slaughter. do you like to sing? >> i do like to sing. >> me, too. are you any good? >> i tried out for american idol but here i am doing the weather. >> you know we are talking about temperatures today that got up to 69 degrees in san francisco despite the fog this morning. even over in oakland, 69 degrees. head inland just a bit, to the
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east hills. livermore, 89. and it was all because of those winds moving in. in fact these winds have been gusting to 29 miles an hour in san francisco. 24 in oakland. and even to make notes from smaller wind gusts, still, livermore that's a cool wind coming in from the ocean. that means basically over the next couple days, it will get a little chilly. 21 now. the wind gusts up to san francisco and you'll notice as the blue arrows show the wind direction, it is spilling in from the cold ocean and all the way to san jose. at 72 degrees in san jose. climbed of chilly. over toward the water, san francisco, at 63. oakland even cooler at 62 degrees. earlier we were talking about tahoe and the desperate need for some rain. you can see bouts of tahoe air. hawthorne know pretty intensive thunderstorms just east of there. otherwise we're not looking at a whole lot of rain in the short
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term. you'll notice san francisco, san jose, pretty much clear with that passing fog its way onshore. for tomorrow morning, we'll start with a little isolated fog. mainly at the coast but it will be very breezy. we're talking about winds up to 20 to 30 miles an hour tomorrow morning and then gusting above that tomorrow afternoon. and look at that. 70s inland. places got up to 89 today like livermore, you're watching from there. you'll be about ten degrees cooler tomorrow. the good news is that we all warm up. look at this trough, picking up showers and storms. the northern plains, north dakota looking at some pretty intense thunderstorm. and it is all because of this trough digging in because of the desert southwest. places in the triple digits all week are headed back into the 70s and 80s and that includes the desert southwest. you know it is headed back. we're actually headed to see 90s by next weekend. it will be a nice break.
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50 in santa rosa tomorrow morning. 56 in san jose. and again tomorrow, as i mentioned, it will be a little cooler. places that got into the 80 today like san jose will be 78 tomorrow. cooler in san jose at 67. the east bay hills, as i mentioned earlier, livermore to 89. only 80 tomorrow. concord there as well. very close to that even into fairfield. we saw the warmer spots but still very cool compared to where we were today bodega bay, cooler. the forecast does show good news. we do warm. 80 degrees by wednesday. if that's not warm enough for you, wait until next weekend. the summertime heat will be building back in for next weekend just in time for beach time weather. we'll be here holding down the fort. >> thanks for reminding us. >> one of us feels a little
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faint. >> perhaps. coming up next, what do you do with a bear who would rather be hanging out in town instead of the woods? this little guy will show you the solution. he's okay. and why it might not be a permanent fix. must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
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back in '08, we didn't have these u-verse wireless receivers that let you move the tv around wherever. no siree, bob. who's bob? and if you didn't have a tv outlet, well then you couldn't watch diddly-squat. you talk a lot. you have no idea how good you have it. that's not working. [ grunts ] [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. . 20,000 people participated today in the annual aids walk.
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this is the 26th year of the walk and it has raised more than $77 million in that time for aids research and care. now that there are new drug therapies for aids, the disease is no longer a death sentence though. this morning's walk raised nearly $2.7 million for aids research. a black bear known for roaming about town in southern california was caught yet again. today the california fish and game workers tranquillized the little bear, or big bear, i suppose. the 400-pound bear is known as meatball after people saw him eating a tray of italian food in a backyard a couple months ago. as i said, this isn't the first time he's been hauled back into the wilderness. >> it's not uncommon. they will look for food and water and familiar surroundings. and that led him back down here. >> meatball took a nap in the back of the truck as he went back to the mountains and we are told he was release there'd unharmed. right now we look at what's
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going on in sports. good news for both of our bay area baseball teams. >> reporter: even more good news that no bears in here. we're all good. the a's continuing to pulverize the minnesota twins pitching. we'll show you more long ball. plus, the giants trying to sweep the astros right out of town. they had the perfect guy on the hill to help them get there. the highlights coming up.
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remember, the giants limped into the break losing five out of six. and nothing like a little home cooking and the astros to cure what ails you. matt cain and company looking for the sweep in san francisco. remember, the astros were the perfect game victim. he wasn't perfect today but he was awfully good. some help from buster posey who
6:24 pm
goes out to the field to drive home gregor blanco and make it 1-0 giants. the giants would get two in that first inning. 2-1 in the fourth. and here come chris johnson. mind the gap. brian bogusevic. all the way around to tie the game. 2-2. like i said, cain was very good, not perfect, but his battery made posey really picked him up. another rbi up the middle. pablo sandoval hustling around to score the go-ahead run. 3-2 giants. back to cain. dealing in the sixth inning getting jose altuve and martinez, six strikeouts in 6 1/3 innings. two run and only one was earned. and santiago castilla. he was perfect today. he had a strikeout and a groundout to end it. 3-2, giants. they finished off the sweep.
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>> reporter: the san francisco giants wrapped up the three-game home stand with a sweep versus the houston astros and not paying that back in the win colonel you will. cain's last win came june 18th and three of his outings since, the bull pen let him down but sunday was a different story. >> we needed to pick him up. he had a great one in washington and we didn't hold up our end of the bargain. so i don't think he cares so much about the win/losses personally but i think he cares about the team. not to be able to bring those home, like we were saying in the division. i think today was a great outing and it will make for a happy flight. >> i think we've been put in some situations that are kind of chicky and we've been coming through. we tank in the d.c. so it is good to come in and fix them up. >> after a good while, kind of a break. i had to do a couple things in the all-star game.
6:26 pm
>> used everybody really to get the last four outs. >> reporter: the w the dodgers losing sunday, the giants in first place with a game and a half lead in the nl west. buster posey told me, it is too early to start scoreboard watching but the giants definitely take a peek. i'm amy gutierrez for nbc bay area. don't look now but here come the athletics. absolutely terrorizing twins pitching the last three days. jonny gomes out of petaluma going out, out and out. the two-run shot makes it 4-1 a's. homers for a second straight day. and the cushion is 5-1. but wait. there's more. chris carter. what a find he's been. five homers in nine games coming up from aaa. that makes it 6-1-0.
6:27 pm
the a's are three game over .500 for the first time since june of 2010. a little tennis. serena william taking on coco. used to be kiki. in the first set after being down, she wins the set 7-5. here, the big serve, sets up for the big finish. serena wins her second consecutive bank of the west classic. so congratulations to her. but of course, diane, baseball, the talk of the town. you heard amy mention it. the a's just a half game out in the american league wild card race. >> you got to like that. thanks a lot. and i like the weather forecast you have. >> it is looking pretty good. if you like anything cool to warm, you get it all this week. we're talking about temperatures a little cool tomorrow.
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we've got a wide spectrum of number for whatever you like. >> you mentioned next saturday. i'm be going to be here because i have a wedding to go to. up front now. i'm not calling in sick. it is legit. i'll have the $4 everyday value slam with... bacon.
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